PM International Become A Team Partner Buy Sell FitLine And BeautyLine Products

Timing is everything! PM International, a $300M company currently operating in 33 countries, is beginning their launch in the United States and Mexico.

Take advantage of their ongoing global success and create your direct sales network before the market in the US gets crowded. Become a PM-International Team Partner through the PRE-USA-LAUNCH Registration page linked below. PM-International offers everyone an opportunity to generate an additional income as an independent distributor, whether they are a white or a blue-collar worker, doctor, civil servant, pensioner, student or housewife and regardless of training, or current career. You decide how much time and energy you want to invest in your new occupation. You will be own boss – something many can only dream of.

Whether you prefer to do business online, on the go, face to face, or in a no-pressure group setting, you’ll have access to PM International’s online tools and support to help keep your business organized, connected, and efficient. You won’t be on your own either. Your fellow TeamPartners, your Independent Sales Manager, and the people at PM International are always there to support and encourage you on your journey.
The first step to starting your own PM International business is registering and getting your TeamPartner Kit. Go to to get started today! Need more information? Please watch the videos.

Become A PM International Team Partner!

Enjoy A ground-floor USA opportunity without risk normally associated with ground floor opportunity.

Top Reasons To Become A PM-International Team Partner

PM International Direct Sales Opportunity Is New In The USA In 2015!! They Are Successful All Over The World And Are Just Now Attacking The USA Market.

•German company – known for innovative science & engineering
• 21 years old
• Privately owned
• Operating in 35 countries
• Over $300 million in sales annually
• Debt free
• Experts in Beauty and Health products
• Created the exclusive Nutritional Transport Concept (NTC)
• Over 43 patents (an average of 2-3 per product)
• All products are on the Cologne List (safe & doping free products) and is the ONLY company that is authorized to use the Cologne List Certification Seal
• All products are made in GMP Certified manufacturing facilities
• Over 100 professional and Olympic athletes use the FitLine products
• Over $300 Million products sold worldwide
• A ground-floor USA opportunity without the inherent risk normally associated with ground floor opportunity
• AAA+ rating – Higher than most German banks
• 100 point Dun & Bradstreet rating
• Recognized multiple times as a Top 100 Company in Germany
• Mr. Sorg has been recognized as the Entrepreneur of the Year numerous times
• In 2013, PM was recognized by Direct Selling News as the 43rd largest Direct
Sales Company in the World
• A major contributor to World Vision (Building a better world for children)




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